Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Menu Item 1 - Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed w/ Stilton

Ok, so a food photographer I am not, but a damned good cook I am!
Here is the first in a series of menu items.

Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed w/ Stilton

"We are just enjoying the flavors of a fallen brethren. What's wrong with that?"


  1. Those look fabulous! (and the photo is good too)

  2. Thanks Karen. They are a little bit of heaven!

  3. Will you please let us know how to make these??! They look so yummy:) Did you just stuff the date with stilton? Bake them?

  4. So, what's a proper wine pairing for he pork poppers ?

  5. Those look delish:) And if you ever need help with food photography, let me know. I am still learning but I do all right! CANNOT wait till Screwtop opens! Love following your progress on the blog!