Monday, April 5, 2010

April 25th Class - Livin La Vida Local

Many of you don't know that I grew up in a farming family in Texas, (we used to grow 150 acres of Watermelons and Cantaloupe, and Hay) so I know first hand what it's like to watch the weather and pray for rain...without hail! ;-) Even when the crops turn out perfect, you have to struggle to get it all sold in time, and you more than likely have to use a distributor as well who in turn gets a large piece of the profit pie. Farming is hard work, whether it's melons or grapevines.

There is a lot of "talk" these days about supporting local farmers. Just about every menu says local this and local that (hopefully it's true). I never understood how you could get a local melon on a D.C. menu in November? LOL - oh

What I am getting to is that Virginia wine makers and cheese makers are farmers who deserve our support year round. There those of you who are skeptics when it comes to drinking Virginia wine. You know who you are: (ahem my husband David) . But our plan is to change your mind with our next class. We are going to feature six - really good Virginia wines, and six delicious local cheeses to pair with those wines.

I do hope you'll join us in celebrating wine and cheese makers from our own state.

Livin La Vida Local
Sunday April 25th 6:30-8pm.
Seating is Limited.
Come by the shop to reserve your spot today.

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