Saturday, October 31, 2009

We Have Walls!

It's so amazing to see the transformation since the dry wall was put up.
It looks like a real space now and not just a skeleton. I find the days are a lot less stressful than they were the last time I posted. I think this is because there aren't a lot of "big" surprises left with the construction. What's left? Painting, hanging light fixtures and installing the floors, bar and equipment. I know that sounds like a long list, but this is a great team of guys and they should have it all knocked out by Thanksgiving. I took some photos today. See below.

David, pretending to be the chef. That is our window on the back bar where delicious treats will come out of the kitchen.

The front bar (where ya'll will sit) and back bar which will be well stocked with over 35 wonderful wines and a long list of craft beers. Did I mention we have 2 beers on tap as well?

Retail area - looking towards the restrooms.

Retail check out and 6ft long cheese deli case will go here.

The insulation has been covered up and now there are walls around the windows.


  1. Looks great. I've been following the progress and look forward to getting 2 of my favorite things (cheese and wine) here in the hood. Thanks.

  2. Thanks! Well we look forward to seeing you. It's going to be pretty special when it's complete.

  3. My Husband and I live at 1021 and we have been watching everything shape up!Looks great and we cannot wait to come in for drinks as soon as you open.